One Week to Go

January 10, 20202 mins read


By admin

Hooley dooley!

After an exhilarating six month marathon — with many sprints along the way — we can finally shout out to the world “ONLY ONE BIG WEEK LEFT TO INVEST IN VAMPR

That’s right! Then it’s onto the next exciting stage of making Vampr even bigger and better than ever. We can’t wait! Our community is about to explode and the biggest beneficiary will be our users. It’s an exciting time for Vampr.

It’s important to remember this is likely to be the only time we ever offer securities in the company at such an early stage, so we cannot stress enough that it’s an opportunity that is unlikely to come around again.

To update you quickly on the private raise, we are finalizing agreements with several investors, with a total expected raise amounting to over $500,000. What does this mean? When paired with our crowdfunding campaign — which just a few hours ago crossed 900 investors — all signs indicate that we will easily surpass $1,000,000 in the next few days.

How does this affect you? With the right funding under our belt we will be ready to move onto the next phase of our journey, delivering on the promises we have made during this crowdfunding campaign and improving the platform for all stakeholders, with exciting new features and opportunities for all of our users.

However in order to fully deliver on our vision we still need your help. In this final week of crowdfunding, Baz and I will make our case to those of you wondering if this is the right fit for you to invest in Vampr, to join us and 900 other investors as business partners and pioneers in the creative networking space.

So come on, let’s do it! Support the creative network that supports you. Head to to watch our pitch video, read about our journey so far and invest before it’s too late. Every investor will receive an exclusive Vampr cap and can own a slice of the company for as little as $100.

Don’t forget that Baz and I are going live on Facebook and Instagram next Tuesday to answer any and all of your questions. We expect this final week to be absolutely craaazzzzyyyyyy — in the best way possible!

And finally, as per our last email, a lot of our international supporters have been asking us how they might support the community in the wake of the devastating bushfires in Australia. Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief is one trusted organisation that we are personally supporting. They are doing an incredible job providing care, shelter and amenities for people at evacuation centres as well as additional emergency assistance where needed.

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